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Contributed Software - KEPTIMEFIX

Software: PyKE
Version: 1.0.1

keptimefix -- Correct a time stamp error in the target pixel files

keptimefix infile outfile clobber verbose logfile

infile = string
The name of a Kepler target pixel file obtained from the MAST.

outfile = string
The name of the output FITS target pixel filefile. outfile will be a direct copy of infile but with the TIME column updates to be correect and consistent with the Kepler light curve files

clobber = boolean (optional)
Overwrite the output file? if clobber = no and an existing file has the same name as outfile then the task will stop with an error.

verbose = boolean (optional)
Print informative messages and warnings to the shell and logfile?

logfile = string (optional)
Name of the logfile containing error and warning messages.

status = integer
Exit status of the script. It will be non-zero if the task halted with an error. This parameter is set by the task and should not be modified by the user.

All Kepler light curve and target pixel files with version numbers less than5.0 contain an error in the time stamps. This was fixed in the light curve with version 5.0 (at MAST after 24 05 2013). The timescale for fixing the taret pixel files in unclear but in the mean time this script will fix the target pixel file time stamps and headers to make the times consistent with the light curve files. The error in Q0-13 can be corrected by adding 66.184s. Q15+ can be corrected by adding 67.184s. This tool fixes the time stamp accordingly. During Q14 there was a leap second added and therefore the first part of the Quarter has a correction of 66.184s and the later part has a 67.184s correction. More details can be found in the Kepler Archive Manual.


  • keptimefix infile=kplr012004372-2012179063303_lpd-targ.fits outfile=kplr012004372-2012179063303_lpd-targ-fixed.fits

The routine takes a few seconds

While the TIME data has been fixed, calculating a new TIMECORR is non-trivial. In an effort to avoid inconsistencies with the light curve files we decided to population this column with nans. If you need the TIMECORR data you can likely safely use the values from the old target pixel files because the difference between the correct TIMECORR and what is in those files is less than 10 ms.
The Kepler PyRAF package is privately-developed software made available to the community through the contributed software page of the GO program at http://keplerscience.arc.nasa.gov/ContributedSoftware.shtml. It is not an official software product of the Kepler mission. Bugs and errors are not the responsibility of NASA or the Kepler Team. Please send bug reports and suggestions to keplergo@mail.arc.nasa.gov.


Initial software release (TB)
If Q16 data is used no new light curve will be created because these data have already been fixed - before a warning was printed to the screen but the new file was still created. (TB)


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