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Kepler Guest Observer Program

Overview of the Guest Observer Program


The Director's Discretionary Target (DDT) Program is a quarterly competition, i.e. it occurs on a 3 month cycle. Observations can be proposed for at any time and targets will be uploaded during the next spacecraft roll. The first quarter available for the DDT program is quarter 6 (Jun-Sep 2010). Up to 100 DDTs are available each quarter. No Guest Observer funding will be provided for DDTs. Proposals from all institutions and countries are encouraged. The proposal process is informal, requiring an email request from the proposer to the . There is no peer review of DDTs; program target selection is at the discretion of the GO Office Director. The purpose of the DDT program is to:

  • Provide a fast-track to Kepler data, yield rapid, high-impact science from Kepler and quickly build a significant sample of Kepler GO papers.
  • The DDT Program can also be used to respond to targets of GO interest, newly dropped from the planetary list. Targets can be reinstated back into the observing list through the DDT mechanism.
  • The DDT Program can respond to "targets of opportunity".
  • The DDT Program provides a mechanism for pilot studies before the next annual GO cycle.
  • The DDT program can enhance existing GO programs with additional data.

DDT proposals will be accepted at any time, however in order to include sources within the next quarterly target lists, proposers must have proposed programs before the four dates Jan 24, Apr 23, Jul 24 and Oct 24. Long cadence DDT target overlap with the target lists will not be considered.

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