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K2 proposal submission is a 2-step process. Both steps are mandatory. To propose for Campaigns 8, 9 and 10, investigators are required to submit Step 1 through the NSPIRES website by 23:59 EST Jun 02, 2015 and are required to submit Step 2 to the NSPIRES website by 23:59 EST Jul 01, 2015. All proposers need to register with NSPIRES in order to submit both parts of the proposal. The separation of the proposal into two steps is required in order to expedite the completion of review administration and target engineering before the start of Campaign 8.

Submission of a proposal through NSPIRES:

Step 1

Step 2


During the submission process, non-US PI-led proposals will need to be affiliated to a submitting organization. Do this by clicking on the "Account Mgmt" tab at the top of the NSPIRES page and follow the instructions. All non-US proposals should use the "Kepler Guest Observer Office" as your affiliation within NSPIRES. This is simply a fudge, albeit a required fudge, so that non-US PIs spend no more effort than this over the institutional endorsements that are mandatory for US investigators.

When completing the proposal, there are a few obscure boxes on the standard form that need your attention. The organization name is "Kepler Guest Observer Office", doing business as the "Kepler Guest Observer Office". The DUNS number is "999999954" and the cage code is "ZZZ54". These details will make sense to you when you see the Step 2 proposal form.

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