ExoFOP-K2 website launched

News article posted on by Thomas Barclay

ExoFOP-K2 is a web site designed to optimize resources and facilitate collaboration in follow-up studies of K2 targets. It serves as a repository for community-gathered follow-up data and is supported by the NASA Exoplanet Archive infrastructure.

In addition to continuing to support Kepler via the original CFOP website, this new service includes the K2 targets, and will eventually be expanded to support future missions.

The site is open to the entire community and currently contains magnitudes, finding charts, and nearby source lists for the targets from Campaigns 0-4 and the engineering campaign. A new feature allows users to designate possible planetary candidates, false positives and eclipsing binaries. ExoFOP-K2 will allow detailed searches of K2 targets similar to the CFOP search pages.

All content can be viewed and downloaded without logging in. A username and password are only required if you wish to upload data, notes, or files. Existing CFOP user name and password will work on ExoFOP-K2.