Final release of K2 high-cadence guide star photometry

News article posted on by Jeff Coughlin

About two years ago we announced the release of Kepler and K2 C0–C12 Fine Guidance Sensor (FGS) data. These data provide photometry and centroid positions for the guide stars that were used to main stable spacecraft pointing. These data contain the highest time sampling possible with Kepler, with integration times of 0.104 seconds and a median cadence of 30 seconds.

The remaining data for K2 C13–C19 has been delivered to MAST and is publicly available via this link. This final update brings the total number of unique guide stars observed for K2 C0–C19 to 76.

The associated FGS documentation has also been updated and is available at MAST via this link. The documentation details the way the FGS data were recorded, as well as the types and format of the resulting data products.

A short tutorial hosted on GitHub is available that demonstrates the use of the data.