K2 Campaign 11 data processing complete

News article posted on by Geert Barentsen

Data processing for K2 Campaign 11 is now complete and the pixel files and lightcurves are in the process of being shipped to the MAST archive. We anticipate that the data will become available to the public towards the last week of June. The Campaign 11 data processing proceeded more slowly than usual due to the crowded Galactic Bulge field targeted by this Campaign.

The target list included 14,209 standard long cadence and 65 standard short cadence targets, alongside five globular clusters (M9, M19, NGC 6293, NGC 6355, Terzan 5), 11 bright stars, 55 Trojan asteroids, 7 Trans-Neptunian Objects, and Saturn's moons Titan and Enceladus.

Keep an eye on our website for an announcement of the release and the associated data release notes.

K2 C11 field