K2 Campaign 8 data available

News article posted on by Geert Barentsen

Long cadence light curves, target pixel files, and full frame images for K2 Campaign 8 are now available for download from the K2 data archive at MAST. The data are not yet searchable using the K2 data search interface, which will be available later this week.

The Campaign 8 target list included 24,187 standard long cadence and 54 short cadence targets, including 2,800 galaxies.

In addition, the campaign included several custom masks:

  • The planet Uranus was observed for roughly a month in short cadence, and the remaining time in long cadence.
  • Four irregular Uranian satellites were observed in long cadence over a period of one month (Caliban, Sycorax, Prospero, Setebos).
  • Six Hilda asteroids were observed in long cadence (1999 TJ90, 1999TS40, 1999 VG135, 2000 WC140, 2006 UB219, 2007 RY194).
  • Four Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs) were observed in long cadence (1998 SN165, 2001 QT322, 2003 QW90, 2005 RS43).
  • The irregular dwarf galaxy IC 1613 was covered using a 120-by-160 pixel mask.
  • Finally, we covered several very bright stars using custom pixel masks that collect the wings of the PSF.

Detailed data release notes are available on this website. We strongly encourage users to read these carefully.