K2 mission recruiting members for the K2 Users' Panel

News article posted on by Knicole Colon, Tom Barclay

The K2 mission is developing a K2 Users' Panel (K2UP), whose role will be to represent the voice of the community in regards to mission science, management policies, and products from the project. Specifically, the panel will be expected to:

  • provide input on data products and documentation from the mission
  • review the mission's science balance for the remaining observing campaigns
  • define what products are needed to preserve the legacy of the mission
  • recommend new services and identify current services that are superfluous

The panel will report to the K2 Project Scientist and K2 Program Scientists a few times a year via telecon and/or in-person meetings held at NASA Ames Research Center or major conferences like the AAS winter meeting. We anticipate members will serve on the K2UP for a term of at least one year.

Our goal is to form a panel consisting of 5-10 members that will have a first meeting via telecon in September 2016. To ensure that the K2 community is adequately represented, we anticipate selecting members with expertise that covers suitable fields of astrophysics and planetary science. If you are interested in participating in the K2UP, please send an email to keplergo@mail.arc.nasa.gov that contains a short description of your expertise and reasons why you wish to join. We will consider applications until 20 August 2016.