Ken Mighell and Nick Saunders join the K2 team

News article posted on by Geert Barentsen

The Kepler/K2 team has recently had two new members join us at the Ames Research Center in California: Ken Mighell and Nick Saunders.

Dr Ken Mighell joined us from the National Optical Astronomy Observatory. His background is in the analysis of CCD photometry for the study of stellar populations and Local Group galaxies. Ken is currently part of the K2 team responsible for assessing and assuring the quality of the K2 Uniform Global Processing effort which is currently underway.

Nick Saunders joined us from the University of Washington where he recently obtained his Bachelor degrees in both Astrophysics and Literature. During his studies, Nick worked with Prof Rory Barnes and Dr Rodrigo Luger on the removal of instrumental noise from Kepler/K2 photometry for the study of exoplanets. Nick will be continuing this work during his pre-doctoral gap year in support of the Lightkurve data analysis package.