New Astronomy Reviews Special Issue on Kepler's Exoplanet Firsts

News article posted on by Geert Barentsen

To mark the tenth anniversary of the commencement of Kepler science operations, New Astronomy Reviews has published a Virtual Special Issue containing articles that describe the stories behind several of Kepler's seminal exoplanet discoveries and methodological innovations.

The issue contains the following contributions:

  • Editorial: History of Kepler’s major exoplanet “firsts” (Lissauer)
  • Kepler-9: The first multi-transiting system and the first transit timing variations (Ragozzine & Holman)
  • The Discovery of “Tatooine”: Kepler-16b (Doyle)
  • Discovery of the first Earth-sized planets orbiting a star other than our Sun in the Kepler-20 system (Torres & Fressin)
  • Discovery and characterization of Kepler-36b (Agol & Carter)
  • Kepler-62f: Kepler's first small planet in the habitable zone, but is it real? (Borucki, Thompson, Agol, & Hedges)
  • Kepler-78 and the Ultra-Short-Period planets (Winn, Sanchis-Ojeda, & Rappaport)
  • The discovery and legacy of Kepler’s multi-transiting planetary systems (Steffen & Lissauer)

The articles are open access for a limited amount of time. Open access pre-prints of the manuscripts have also been uploaded to ArXiv.