Student Internship opportunities available

News article posted on by Geert Barentsen

The Kepler & K2 missions are offering internship opportunities to graduate and undergraduate students wishing to to gain experience in the scientific exploitation and operations of a major NASA mission.

The internships are based at Kepler/K2's mission headquarters at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California.

Example projects we can offer include:

  • Designing an interactive web application to compute Kepler’s planet occurrence rates, or to visualize K2’s planet discoveries.
  • Searching the Kepler/K2 data for unknown asteroids and comets.
  • Assisting the quality control of new data releases by improving the k2-quality-control software.
  • Mining the Kepler/K2 literature and producing enhanced publication statistics using the kpub software.
  • Writing Kepler/K2 data analysis tutorials.
  • etc...

Due to the technical nature of these projects, candidates are expected to present evidence of strong and relevant computing skills, such as Python, AstroPy, GitHub, Linux, and/or web development.

Interested participants should submit a <2-page proposal to outlining their skills, ambitions, and period of availability. Candidates may be eligible to receive lodging and a stipend as part of NASA’s internship program.