K2 Users' Panel

The K2 mission has developed a K2 Users' Panel (K2UP), whose role is to represent the voice of the community in regards to mission science, management policies, and products from the project. Specifically, the panel will:

  • provide input on data products and documentation from the mission,
  • review the mission's science balance for the remaining observing campaigns,
  • define what products are needed to preserve the legacy of the mission, and
  • recommend new services and identify current services that are superfluous.

The panel will report to the K2 Project Scientist and K2 Program Scientists a few times a year via telecon and/or meetings held at NASA Ames Research Center and/or major conferences. We anticipate members will serve on the K2UP for a term of at least one year.

Panel Members

Name Institution Email
Ben Montet (Chair) University of Chicago btm@astro.caltech.edu
JJ Hermes (Deputy Chair) University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill jjhermes@unc.edu
Padi Boyd NASA Goddard Space Flight Center patricia.t.boyd@nasa.gov
Ian Crossfield UC Santa Cruz ianc@ucsc.edu
Saskia Hekker Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research hekker@mps.mpg.de
Erin Ryan SETI Institute erinleeryan@gmail.com
Dennis Stello University of Sydney dennis.stello@sydney.edu.au
Robert Szabo Konkoly Observatory rszabo@konkoly.hu
Brad Tucker Australian National University brad.tucker@anu.edu.au
Knicole Colón (Executive Secretary) NASA Goddard Space Flight Center knicole.colon@nasa.gov